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The 9th of December 2014 (UK)/8th of December 2014 (USA) marks the 34th anniversary of John Lennon's assassination.  Despite the fact that more than three decades have passed I still mourn his loss.  I miss him and his absence has left a void that can never, ever be filled.  I'm certain I can safely state my feelings are shared by all of those who genuinely loved and admired him.  He was a rare human being, truly one of a kind.

John Lennon was an infinitely and a profoundly gifted person.  His genius shone forth brilliantly in everything he did.  Musician, lyricist, singer, artist, writer, actor, humorist, political and peace activist all of which were accomplished with sterling precision and golden perfectionism.
He never did anything half~heartedly but rather put his entire self
into all of his work.  John Lennon is still the true and the only talent in the composing duo of Lennon~McCartney.  He was indubitably a dedicated man who sincerely cared about humankind.  He was a leader of the '60's and the peace movement.  Young people at that time looked up to him and many fans considered him the 'messiah' of that changing, turbulent, and radical decade.

To his foes, he was dangerous.  To his family, friends, and fans, he was loveable.  The unique characteristics that endeared John to us were the delightfully weird and hilarious sense of humour; the comic facial expressions ~ John was a natural~born ham; the penchant for the absurd; the political candidness; the trend~setting style of music; the succinct writing ability in lyrics and literature; the handsome voice; the distinctive artistic flair; the eccentric clothes; and the avant~garde hair styles.  All of these and much, much more are what made John Lennon, John Lennon.

John Lennon shares an equal position on the pinnacle of success along with the virtuosi, Charles Dickens and Wolfgang Mozart.  He, like they, achieved the status of master artiste and legend in his own time.

It is said that the Beatles changed the world.  Yes, that is true to a certain degree but since there would be no Beatles without their founder and leader, John Lennon, who as a result of his belief in them and himself and his promise "to take them to the top" single~handedly changed the world, not just the musical world, but the entire world.  The world is much better and more beautiful for having known John Lennon.  And so are we.  We love you, John, and we miss you.  Thank you very much indeed for enriching our lives.  God bless you and now you are part of God and therefore eternal.

As with Dickens and Mozart, John Lennon belongs to all the world.  The week following his assassination, Time Magazine's cover was a picture of John with the words, "When the Music Died."

It was a most tragic day for all of us and even though that event has
left deep scars, we can take consolation for on that day John Lennon
and his music commenced living on in our hearts and souls.
           He would have wanted it that way.

9 October 2014

(The 74th Anniversary of John Lennon's birthday)


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