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Celebration of Princess Diana

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 HRH, The Princess Diana of Wales 

Direct Ancestors of Princess Diana

 H.M., Robert I Bruce, King of Scots 


 H.M., James IV, King of Scots 


 H.M., James V, King of Scots 


H.M., Mary, Queen of Scots

 H.M., Mary, Queen of Scots 


H.M., King James VI of Scotland ~ King James I of Great Britain

H.M., James VI, King of Scots ~
King James I of Great Britain


H.M., King Charles I of Great Britain

 H.M., King Charles I of Great Britain 


H.M., King Charles II~Diana's Direct Paternal Ancestor


H.M., King Charles II of Great Britain

Barbara Villiers~Mother of Charles II's Son~Henry Fitzroy~1st Duke of Grafton


The Honourable Barbara Villiers, Duchess of Cleveland

HRH, The Princess Diana of Wales' 
 Direct True, Genuine Royal Scottish Ancestry

HRH, Princess Diana's Direct Royal Scots
Paternal Ancestry

Robert I the Bruce, King of Scots;
his grandson, Robert II Stewart,
the first Stewart King of Scots;
continues directly to
James IV Stewart, King of Scots,
husband of King Henry VII Tudor's (of England) 
daughter, Queen Margaret;
their son, James V Stewart, King of Scots;
his daughter, Mary Stewart, Queen of Scots;
her son, James VI Stewart, King of Scots/
King James I of Great Britain;
his son, Charles I Stewart, King of Great Britain;
his son, Charles II Stewart, King of Great Britain;
then via four of Charles II's sons:
1. Henry Fitzroy, the first Duke of Grafton;
2. Charles Lennox, Duke of Richmond (England)
and Duke of Lennox (Scotland);
3. Charles Beauclerk, 1st Duke of St Albans;
4. James Crofts-Scott, 1st Duke of Monmouth.

Princess Diana is also a direct descendent of
King James II Stewart and Arabella Churchill
via their daughter Henrietta Fitzjames.

 HRH, The Prince William of Wales 


Prince William will be the first true British (Stewart/Stuart) monarch
on the British throne in 300 years.




Charles Windsor descends from
every British King who left descendants
except Charles I, Charles II, and James II

TRH, Princes William and Henry of Wales, are descendents several times over (including lines of direct descent) of
Charles I, Charles II, and James II through their mother, Diana, Princess of Wales.

Both Princess Diana and Charles Windsor are direct descendents of Mary, Queen of Scots and her son, James VI King of Scots/
King James I of Great Britain.

Charles Windsor's line of descent diverted with King James I's (James VI, King of Scots) daughter, Princess Elizabeth, via her marriage to  Frederick V of Palatinate, King of Bohemia, which gave rise to the deviant and very distant
German cousins of the Stewarts (Stuarts).

Unlike her husband's, Princess Diana's direct (paternal) Stewart (Stuart) line continued through the Stewart (Stuart) monarchs of Great Britain.

Much of Britain's history in the past five centuries, from Henry VII to Mary, Queen of Scots to Sir Winston Churchill, threads through the family tree of Princess Diana.

Lady Diana Spencer, four times descended, including four direct lines of descent, from King Charles II (1630~1685) and once from James II (1633~1701), boast no fewer than six lines of descent, obviously including a direct line,
from Mary, Queen of Scots as well as from
King Henry VII Tudor who was Mary, Queen
of Scots' great grandfather.

Princess Diana is also a direct descendent of
King Edward I Plantagenet
and Edward Seymour, Lord Protector of
England and the 1st Duke of Somerset.

Princess Diana is more blue~blooded than her husband and his family. Princess Diana has more British royal blood in her, in fact, than Charles Windsor and his parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, et al.

Four of her ancestors were paramours of kings:  Barbara Villiers, Lucy Walters, and Louise de Kéroualle all bore out~of~wedlock* children of King Charles II; and Arabella, the daughter of the first Sir Winston Churchill, had a daughter
by King James II.

Lady Diana's respectable wedding brought the romantic blood of the Stewart (Stuart) monarchs back into the present Royal family for the first time in 280 years, since Charles Windsor has no direct descent from the later Stewart (Stuart) Kings.

*The morality of the monarchs and their mistresses is not an issue here. This is insignificant as it has no reflection on Princess Diana as she, like all people can choose
 one's friends but not one's family.

Considering that Charles Windsor carried
on an illicit affair with Mrs Camilla Parker~Bowles prior to, during his marriage
to Princess Diana, and after both theirs and
the Parker~Bowles' marriages ended in divorce
the Windsors have no right to point
the finger of guilt at anyone else.

The decades old illicit affair of
Charles and Camilla
was the reason for the break up
of both marriages.

Ancestors of Diana, Princess of Wales 

Stewart Ancestry

Stewart Genealogy

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